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kernel source available on HTC First | HTC First kernel source

kernel source available on HTC First

Developers wanting to access deeper functions of the HTC first currently have a number of the required code

As we have seen persistently before, HTC has simply free the kernel source code for one amongst its devices via its HTCDev website. this point it is the HTC first on AT&T and similar to before, the eager developers out there hoping to urge deeper access to the present comfortably-sized device currently have additional tools to try to to therefore. As we tend to note whenever that kernel source code is created out there, this is not a whole set of proprietary binaries needed to create a very custom store, however rather some of the underlying code for the deep tinkerers that need to trouble with the device’s kernel.

HTC First kernel source available from HTCDev

We won’t ever look this gift within the mouth . as any significant smartphone manufacturer frequently releases kernel supply it deserves a nod for following the terms of the GPL license. Enterprising hackers among us will grab a transfer of the ninety nine.2MB file at the supply link below.


Download the HTC First kernel source directly.

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HTC-kernel-source-code logo

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